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Jubilee Award 2012 LAST CALL FOR SCORES WILL BE 15 JANUARY 2013!!!

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Radio amateurs across the world are invited to work stations in the Commonwealth of Nations during 2012.

This award is to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and especially her position as head of the Commonwealth of Nations. As the Jubilee takes place in 2012 the award will run for 12 months starting on January 1st 2012 and ending on December 31st 2012. There are 139 qualifying Commonwealth call Areas. A certificate will be awarded to every licenced radio amateur who makes contact with stations located in 60 and 100 different Commonwealth Call Areas during 2012. Any mode of transmission may be used. Contacts made via the internet do not count. A simple spreadsheet can be down loaded to facilitate record keeping. A league table will be run on this site showing the number of call areas contacted by participating stations. No QSL or other verification will be required. Certificates will be available for download and printing by stations claiming the contacts required. Please note that CW QSOs made by non-Commonwealth stations during the Commonwealth Contest on 10/11 March 2012 should not be counted. NOTE for United Kingdom stations. You can count any QSOs made with your GQ or GO prefix towards the Jubilee award.

Posted by Bob Whelan on 1 March 2012

Keep track of Commonwealth Call areas you have worked using our score sheet

Download the score sheet from the link above. Just make a note of call worked and date. Just email your scores for the league table every week to g3pjt -at- btinternet -dot- com . LAST CALL FOR SCORES WILL BE 15 JANUARY 2013!!!

Claiming your certificate ....

When you want to claim the award then just e mail your score sheet to me, G3PJT. Your certificate will be sent to you for printing on your printer.